International 9900 Dash Panel

Fix Your International Semi Dash Panel for Good

Our dash panel is the ultimate fix.

Metal Replacement Dash

Your International 9900 works hard for you and small problems cost you time and money. Our metal dash panel was created to solve that problem. The OEM plastic dash panel doesn't stand up to the constant use of the air brake controller. We were replacing the dash every two years and when you have a fleet of semis, the downtime and money add up fast.

Our metal dash panel is a direct replacement for your International 9900 semi truck. With only minor modifications, our steel dash panel bolts right back in the precise location, creating a complete factory appearance. Installation is easy and only requires common tools found in any shop. We guarantee the quality and strength of our product and hope to share our dash with all International truck owners.

Metal - Not Plastic

Our International and Paystar replacement dash panels are laser cut from metal, not plastic like the OEM dash.

Factory Replacement

Our dash uses factory mounting holes to give your dash a factory look.

Quality Guaranteed

The metal dash panel replacements stand up to the constant use of the air brake control.

Call with Questions

I not only designed these but I have installed them in our entire fleet of International semis. I can answer any questions you may have.

(502) 817-9514